Environmental Management

  • 1.Environmental Policy
    Environmental Awareness and Energy-saving Behavior

    In order to promote all employees’ awareness and responsibility for environmental protection and energy-saving behavior, we organize several times trainings every year as well as supply related information to them.

    Products & Processes

    We continuously monitor and evaluate the environment impact and energy consumption that result from our processes, and take appropriate measures to avoid or reduce the energy consumption, emissions, water pollution, waste and other environmental influences.Besides, new technologies are adopted to support the achievement of our environmental/energy goals. By introducing new products, processes and equipment as early as the planning phase, environmental impact and energy consumption will be assessed and reduced as far as technically and economically feasible.

    Suppliers and Customers

    We also request our business partners (e.g. Supplier and customers) to use environmentally-friendly and energy-saving processes and production.

    Hazard Prevention

    To avoid or reduce accidental emissions, we had prepared the alarm and emergency plans, and make update when necessary. Besides, regular exercises and coordination will be done according to the requirements from external agencies.

  • 2.RoHS

    It is a global trend to remove hazardous substances from the products, all countries and regions had issued decrees to protect environment from the erosion of hazardous substances.

    In February 2003, the Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS 2002/95/EC), was adopted by the European Union. And it took effect on 1 July 2006. The updated RoHS (RoHS Recast 2011/65/EU) took effect on 2 January, 2013.

    Sassin offer series low voltage electric products accordant with RoHS standard.

  • 3.Declaration of Environmental Policy

    Sassin promise to reduce the adverse impact on the environment while operate the business, and contribute to the improvement of ecological efficiency and environment in all of our business regions and countries. Our core business will provide customers with more efficient systems, products and services, which will help to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.

    Environmental management is one of the top priority of our business, we promise:

    By establishing environmental management system (ISO14001), carry out the environmental principles (such as continuous improvement, obey the law, train the staff) to operate our business environmental friendly.

    By encouraging suppliers, subcontractors and customers adopt the international environmental standards, to strengthen the environmental responsibility for each part of our supply chain;

    Controlling the pollution in the whole production process from raw materials to the finished products, and do our best to reduce environmental pollution;

    Centering our attention on Energy and resources to improve our manufacturing technics, develop energy-saving products, prevent pollution, improve the recycle of waste, and use recycled materials and products;

    Carrying out regular inspection of the factory environment, minimize scrap products.

    Taking the Environmental factors into risk assessment for significant customer project;

    Complying with environmental laws, regulations and other applicable requirements;

    Environmental policy is one of the necessary part for Sassin’s commitment of sustainable development, throughout the company's development strategy, business process, and daily operation. All staff follow the regulations of the environmental policy.

  • 4.Certificate

    Sassin strengthens its Environmental Policy through obtaining certifications. Sassin’s factory has been ISO14001 certified since 2008, and awarded the certificate for compliance with the latest standard ISO 14001: 2015.


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