Healthy and Safety

Sassinis always caring the employee's health and safety as the most importantduring the enterprise operation, and make great efforts for reducing security risks, trying our best to ensure people health and safety.

Employee’s health and safety

Every year, we provide free physical for employee;

Meanwhile,Sassin company established the indoor and outdoor activities space to enriching employee’s cultural activities.

Safety production

Every year, Sassin company trains employee during an full month activity named Safety Production Month, and arrange practices, to reinforce the safety awareness and exercise their emergency solving skills.

Fire safety

Every year, Sassin company invites the fire brigade to make fire protection training and practices; Take regular inspection to find and eliminate the potential danger, improve the fire safety management.

Working environment safety

Sassin company make continuous investment on drinking water filtration equipment, improving the dining environment, building fitness places, organizing regular cleaning, to ensure employees' health, safety and humanistic working environment.

Food safety

Sassin company set up the canteen management committee in 2013, supervising the canteen’s materials purchasing, to ensures the food are safe for people.


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